How does the Limit switch work?

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Travel switch, also known as limit switch, is used to control the stroke and limit protection of mechanical equipment. In actual production, the travel switch is installed in a pre-arranged position. When the module mounted on the moving part of the production machine strikes the travel switch, the contact of the travel switch is actuated to switch the circuit. Therefore, the travel switch is an electrical appliance that switches circuits according to the travel position of the moving part, and its operating principle is similar to the button. Travel switches are widely used in various types of machine tools and hoisting machinery to control their travel and terminal limit protection. In the control circuit of the elevator, the travel switch is used to control the speed of the switch car door, the limit of the automatic door opening and closing, and the upper and lower limit protection of the car.

Travel switch

Travel switch according to its structure can be divided into direct-acting, roller, micro-motion and combination.

(1) Direct-acting travel switch, its operation principle is the same as that of the push button switch, but the contact speed of the contact depends on the operating speed of the production machine, so it should not be used in places where the speed is lower than 0.4m/min.

Travel switch

(2) Roller-type limit switch When the collision block on the controlled machine hits the striker with the roller, the striker turns to the right, drives the rotation of the cam, pushes the pusher under the top, so that the contact in the micro switch rapidly operates. When the moving machine returns, under the action of the return spring, the action parts of each part are reset.

Limit switch

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