Waterproof junction box considerations

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Waterproof junction box

1. First of all, when installing a waterproof socket, pay attention to its installation height, try to be as high as possible, it is better to stay away from the water nozzle or the water outlet device.(rccb

2, because the bathroom is a humid place in the home environment, so the installation of the socket must have a protective cover, the switch is better to have plastic protective film.

Waterproof junction box

3, in the purchase of sockets, we must pay attention to see whether the pin clip of the socket is tight, and there is insufficient insertion force. Also, the toughness of the socket clip is better, and now the socket generally adopts a powerful extrusion method, which greatly increases the biting force between the plug and the clip, and also effectively avoids the phenomenon of heating after a long time.


4. During installation and use, ensure that the hands are dry, and do not use water and switches to prevent the risk of electric shock.(circuit breaker)

circuit breaker

5, pay special attention to the quality of the socket, the purchase should pay attention to whether the product is a qualified product, if not qualified, then how to pay attention to the installation process, but also a security risk.

In home electricity, we are most worried about the occurrence of leakage and other conditions, and in a relatively humid place, the probability of leakage is very large, so it is necessary to install a waterproof switch box, one is for safety, the second is to avoid the waterproof socket It is splashed by water, and metal devices inside the socket are not easily rusted and will not affect the normal use of the switch socket. The price of different brands is not the same, we must look at the quality of the time when buying, only the quality of the socket outlet waterproof box to ensure the normal use.

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