Circuit breaker use and installation conditions

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1.Circuit breaker current carrying capacity

Under normal conditions, the ampacity refers to the maximum operating current allowed by the circuit breaker, ie, the rated current of the circuit breaker. However, in some special circumstances, if the ambient temperature is too high, it is necessary to turn down the rated operating current, that is, to reduce the current carrying capacity, so that the circuit breaker can work normally at this temperature, the specific current value after adjustment is in the circuit breaker product design. And the application needs to be considered. For a complete set of equipment, the rated current specified in the complete set of equipment is the maximum operating current of the main switch breaker, which is not necessarily equal to the rated current of the circuit breaker. The most direct reflection of the general ampacity is the temperature rise of the circuit breaker terminal, and there are strict regulations for temperature rise in 

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2.Circuit breaker protection

Circuit breaker protection performance can be divided into overload long delay protection, short circuit delay protection, short-circuit instantaneous protection, under-voltage protection and single-phase ground protection (ground leakage current). Circuit breakers, as an important component in complete sets of equipment, play a role in turning on and off circuits, and are a means of protecting circuit safety. Therefore, the protection performance of circuit breakers is also a very important performance indicator of circuit breakers. Among them, the circuit breaker overload long delay protection refers to the ability of the circuit to break the circuit when it exceeds a certain limit value of the rated current of the circuit breaker. The specified limits are all determined according to the rated current of the circuit breaker.

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3. Short-circuit characteristics of the circuit breaker

The short-circuit characteristics of low-voltage circuit breakers are important performance and safety indicators of mcb miniature circuit breaker. When a short circuit accident occurs in the circuit, whether or not the circuit breaker can open the circuit in time is an important guarantee for power safety. Therefore, when the circuit breaker is designed and applied in a complete set of equipment, the short circuit characteristics of the circuit breaker must be considered in combination with the actual situation. This is a complete set of equipment. Safe operation provides protection against unnecessary loss of property


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