Circuit breaker short-circuit protection

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Circuit breaker short-circuit protection

1. Brief introduction of short circuit protector: During the operation of the power system, abnormal contact occurs to our current. For example, if the zero line is in contact with the fire line, or if the current leaks or the short circuit current flowing through the electrode is the largest, a short circuit will occur. Phenomenon, in the large-capacity electrical system, the short-circuit current can reach tens of thousands of volts. This seriously affects people's normal life, and also brings very serious consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to use short-circuit protection equipment, short-circuit protection equipment. When the current is overheated, it will automatically cut off the current, so that it can protect the circuit system.

Circuit breaker

2. The working principle of short-circuit protection: Short-circuit protection uses the transistors in the current to sample the output current, and judge whether the circuit is short-circuited according to the change state of the voltage before and after the short-circuit. If the current is greater than the actual current, there are two reasons. The first kind The reason is that the power equipment is too large. The second reason is that there is a short circuit in the circuit. We use a short-circuit protector to add a light-emitting diode as an indicator. If a short-circuit occurs, the light-emitting diode will automatically light up. After the elimination of the mainland, the power circuit can be restarted to resume normal operation.


3, short circuit protector precautions: When using the short circuit protector equipment should pay attention to two aspects of the problem, the first problem is to avoid short circuit protection circuit. When the system is started, it is necessary to ensure that the short-circuit protection begins to operate longer than the system startup time. This will not affect the system startup. The second option is to select the appropriate resistor and light-emitting diode. This will not affect the input and output. The circuit voltage at the same time can protect the normal operation of the circuit.


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