Low voltage distribution line fault prevention

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1 Break prevention method

For the prevention and control methods of circuit breaker faults, we should comprehensively consider all aspects. We should not only consider the design of the line, but also should consider the installation and maintenance of the line and other issues, so as to effectively prevent and control circuit failures. For the prevention and control of open circuit faults, we must first understand the basic conditions of the line, increase the cross-sectional area of the neutral line reasonably, and then increase the reliability of the line to avoid the problem of open circuit faults. We should also choose a reasonable choice of fuses, and ensure that the three-phase fuses conform to the specifications of the protective electrical fuses.

circuit breaker

2 Short-circuit prevention methods

Damage to the insulating layer in the circuit is the main cause of short-circuit faults in the circuit. Therefore, we should choose a reasonable heat resistance of the wire and insulation material. In addition, for the prevention and control measures taken for short-circuit faults, we can use circuit breakers with electronic trip units to improve the sensitivity of the protection circuit, thereby reducing the circuit short-circuit fault phenomenon. A good fuse is a relatively safe protection device. Once a certain fault occurs in the wire, the fuse will immediately cut off the power supply, and thus effectively protect the circuit, thus playing a certain role in protecting the wire.

3 overload prevention methods

For overload prevention methods, certain overload protectors can be used. By installing an overload protector, the amount of current passing through the line can be effectively detected, thereby avoiding the problem of line overload failure. In addition, the continuous increase of the current in the circuit will lead to the heating of the circuit and even the phenomenon of spontaneous ignition of the line. Therefore, we can install certain low-voltage fuses in the low-voltage distribution line to protect the line current.

Distribution Box

4 Ground fault prevention methods

Ground fault is one of the main faults in the distribution line. Therefore, it is crucial to strengthen prevention and control of ground faults. The main control method for ground fault is to use a certain leakage protector. By using the sensitivity of the leakage protector, the grounding line can be effectively prevented and protected. In addition, in the process of selecting the leakage protector, we should also fully consider the magnitude of the leakage current to the ground of the distribution line, so as to effectively avoid the occurrence of arc phenomenon, thereby avoiding safety problems such as fire.

5 leakage prevention methods

The main control method adopted for the leakage fault is to use the TN-S grounding system. The TN-S grounding system has good grounding measures. A reasonable PE wire is used to prevent leakage faults.


It should be noted that when using the minimum cross section of the PE wire, the cross section should not be less than 2.5 with mechanical protection. In addition, we should also effectively select the earth leakage circuit breakers for sub-line and sub-line. When choosing, we must not only consider the problem of electric shock prevention, but also consider the leakage current and current time. Under normal circumstances, the main line is mainly to choose leakage circuit breakers that mainly prevent leakage.

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