What are the requirements of the electronic limit automatic controller (current switch) installation environment

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The electronic limit automatic controller has been widely used, which is mainly used in hotels, dormitories, construction sites, civilian housing and factory dormitories. Since these occasions require control over the use of electricity, the "electronic limit automatic controller" is indispensable. Electronic limit load after automatic controller application's main purpose is to limit the illegal use of impedance load power is electric heating equipment, including the electric furnace and hot, and so on, in order to guarantee the power of the products for everyday items computer, electric fan, the common instruments, TV, incandescent lamp and electronic fluorescent lamp when not in use effect, so need to use the product. Limited current control switch after application, can act to limit waste electricity effect, effective auxiliary to eliminate a hidden danger is very important!


The automatic control system is usually installed with standard guide rail at the time of wiring. When the wiring is connected, the input end of the power supply is zero and L1 is the phase line. The load as the output terminal N is zero, L2 is phase line! Limit load automatic controller is biggest role in the energy conservation, such as dormitory where illegal use 2-3 hours a day after the 700-1000 w electric equipment, electricity needs to be calculated, usually is 0.5 yuan/degree calculation, so the limit load automatic controller, after one year's time can save hundreds of yuan of electricity.


What are the requirements for setting up the current automatic controller installation environment? Before installation, the current switch needs to be overloaded to ensure its automatic return to normal, normal operation of power supply, reasonable control!


What is the use range of the electronic limit automatic controller, and what are the requirements of the installation environment? The current controller is applicable to dormitory management, enterprise dormitory and dormitory management in construction site. The installation environment of the automatic control system needs to be controlled at minus 10 degrees to 40 degrees, and is not more than 35 degrees in 24 hours. The height of the installation site of the current switch shall not exceed 2000 m. When installing automatic controller, it should pay more attention to rainproof, dustproof and anti-pollution, and only ensure that all three factors reach the standard. Then the automatic controller can be used for normal use.


 The automatic control can not be installed in a strong magnetic environment; The same voltage also needs to be controlled, generally between 1 and 40 ampere current can be made to order, the same voltage also needs to be in AC220V about 10% to be able to; And when the automatic controller is installed, it is best to install it in the way of rail.

What are the requirements for the installation environment? I would like to offer some help to you in this article.

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