Home-installed hydropower construction code

Update date:2018-06-25 Source:MAXGE

Non-standard construction often occurs in the following points.


1. Connector

The wire connector can be regarded as the father of the circuit fault - an experienced electrician, in the face of line failure, the first thing to check is the wire connector.

Joint production, we must ensure that the line and the line between the proper contact, can not appear loose, sliding and other phenomena; joint collection, refers to the wire joints after the completion of the package - insulating tape at least wrapped three layers, then placed in the junction box There is no contact or crossover between the connector and the connector; here we talk about the "junction box" - all wire connectors must be made inside the terminal box, absolutely not in the threading tube.

2. Cabling

Whether the decoration wiring needs to be “horizontal and vertical” has always been controversial. It is a point of consensus that absolutely no 90° angle can occur. Regardless of whether it is horizontal and vertical on the ground, or the angle between the wall and the ground, as long as there is a turn, it must be made into an arc. Excessive angles can damage the wire - interested friends can use their own length of wire and bend the wire 90° to see if the insulation is whitish.


3. Line tube

There are many problems with the line pipe. First, the pipe is not worn and the pipe is not completely worn. The threading pipe is not piped but it must be worn through the entire process. All the wires, either in the conduit or in the junction box, must not be exposed to the air, nor can they be buried in the wall. In addition, the wires in the ceiling must also be piped - no deep buried wires are needed, and the conduit can be replaced with a wire slot.

Followed by the location of the line pipe - all places need to be waterproof, threading pipe must be below the waterproof layer.


Finally, the problem of threading pipe fixing - a deep-buried threading pipe must be fixed,MCCB  and no loosening or falling off can occur.

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