Vestas largest fan

Update date:2018-06-23 Source:MAXGE

Vestas largest fan

Yesterday, MHI Vestas announced that its 9.5 MW model of the V164 platform has passed type certification, officially put into commercial operation, and has become the world's largest single-capacity commercial fan.

The MHI Vestas V164 platform was released in 2011. At the beginning, only the basic model of 7.0MW was used. After accumulating enough experience, the MHI Vestas V164 platform will be step by step to increase the capacity of the single unit.


The UK's Burbo Bank Extension with an installed capacity of 258 MW was the first wind farm to use the V164 8.0 MW and was put into operation last year.

The Aberdeen offshore wind farm in Scotland with an installed capacity of 93.2 MW uses 8.4 MW and 8.8 MW models upgraded on the basis of 8 MW. The wind farm is still under construction.


Now, after the type certification of the 9.5MW model, the planned Belgian Northwester 2 offshore wind farm invested by Parkwind will be the first wind farm to use this model, and plans to complete the installation of 23 turbines in the next year.


    Many large-scale wind farms in the planning phase have also signed agreements with MHI Vestas to use 9.5MW models such as Triton Knoll (860MW), Moray East (950MW) in the UK and Borssele 3 & 4 (731.5MW) in the Netherlands.

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