Emergency repairs for power distribution faults

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1 To strengthen the supervision and management of emergency repairs, we must grasp safety and quality together

Power repair

The person in charge of the site shall keep a clear head, strictly follow the relevant provisions of the "Working Procedures for Electricity Safety" and strictly control the safety of the site. The entire process of repair must be coordinated with safety and quality, and the work guardianship system must be strictly enforced so that the guardian can assume the responsibility of the person responsible for ensuring the life safety of the staff.

2.3 Pay attention to the emergency repair of distribution faults under special conditions

If the surrounding environment of the power distribution fault emergency repair site is poor and there are no emergency repair conditions, it is strictly forbidden to risk repair work. In case of thunderstorms, repairs should be carried out with anti-skid measures. Steep slopes, treacherous areas, and jungle areas should be bypassed as far as possible. Hot weather repairs must pay attention to heatstroke and animal bites such as snake bites.

Power repair

Emergency repair personnel should be provided with necessary protective equipment, heatstroke prevention medicine and drinking water; at night, attention should be paid to carrying sufficient lighting equipment, and strengthen supervision. Winter repair personnel should pay attention to keep warm, prevent frostbite, vehicles equipped with anti-skid chains, climbing ice, snow, frost, rain, towers should adopt anti-skid measures. Combination of work and rest can work alternately with adequate staff.

In addition, the local government and meteorological departments should pay attention to the release of major natural disaster warnings, early warnings of accidental disasters, and early warnings of social security events during the emergency repairs. The person in charge of emergency repair work at the power supply station should make predictions in advance in accordance with the warning requirements. And do a good job of the mobile repair team ready to withdraw from the repair site.

3, the problem should pay attention after the repair

After the emergency repair of the power distribution failure is over, first, the person in charge of the work should clean up the materials and tools, and check whether all the workers leave the work site one by one. In the emergency repair sheet for power distribution failures, fill in the end time of the repair work, the status of the on-site equipment, and promptly report the status of the equipment on site and the retention of safety measures by the person in charge of the work to the work permite.

Power repair

Secondly, the drawings, data, and data related to equipment changes and repairs are transferred to the power station operators for preservation. The person-in-charge of the organization organizes emergency repair personnel to hold classes, analyzes the causes of failures, formulates preventive measures, summarizes work experience, and formulates future improvement measures.

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