Photovoltaic component color difference problem

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With more and more users installing photovoltaic power plants, the problem of color components in photovoltaic modules has become a “heart disease” for users. The component color difference not only affects the overall appearance, but also makes the user psychologically unacceptable. The user is worried that the component color difference will affect the service life and power generation of the power plant.

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1. Why the colors of components are inconsistent

The color of solar cells is actually affected by the texturing. The red piece is mainly caused by the low amount of etching of the lint. If the amount of texturing corrosion is less than 3, the damage layer of the silicon wafer will be removed incompletely, resulting in the overall red color of the PE coating film. The so-called flower piece is caused by the high amount of etching and the amount of etching is too high. Under normal circumstances, when the amount of etching is higher than 4.5, the silicon wafer is equivalent to the polishing treatment. The coated cell sheet is bright and the grain boundary is also bright. More obvious.

The common color deviation is polycrystalline silicon cells. For polycrystalline silicon cells, dark blue is the most common color, and monocrystalline silicon is black.

Through the process adjustment, the above-mentioned color deviation problem can be effectively solved.

2. Qualified PV modules also have chromatic aberration

PV modules

Because of the use of coated glass, the use of coated glass is almost impossible to avoid this. The same batch of coated glass does not show any difference between the time of shipment and the inspection of the material. Even after it is made into a component, it cannot be seen. It can only be found at a specific angle and light after installation.

Another possibility is the hydrophilicity of the glass. When we tested, we found that the use of coated glass from different manufacturers has different hydrophilicity. When it encounters rain or fog and dew, the difference is quite large. Therefore, components have emerged. The phenomenon of different colors. In general, a slight color difference of a component is normal, but if there is a variety of colors on a board, there is a problem with product quality.

When photovoltaic products are shipped from the factory, each component undergoes rigorous inspection and can be used with confidence.

3. Does chromatic aberration affect power generation and lifespan?

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The use of photovoltaic arrays with inconsistent colors will affect the overall appearance and customers will not be psychologically acceptable. The pure color difference of PV modules will not affect the power generation and the life span. The factors that affect the power generation volume are mainly flaws, such as cracking, and the color difference is only a technical problem, so it does not affect the power generation and the life of PV modules.

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