Fuse troubleshooting

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Fuse troubleshooting

1. When the melt is blown, it is necessary to carefully analyze the cause of the melt. Possible causes are:

1) Normally blown due to short-circuit fault or overload operation;

2) When the melt is used for a long time, the melt is oxidized or the temperature during operation is high, which causes the melt characteristics to change and misfire.


3) There is mechanical damage during the installation of the melt, making the cross-sectional area smaller and causing mis-interruption during operation.

2. When replacing the melt, it is required to:

1) Before installing the new melt, find out the cause of the melting of the melt, do not determine the cause of the melt, and do not replace the melt and try to send it;

2) When replacing a new melt, check that the melt rating matches the protected equipment;

3) When replacing the new melt, check the internal burn of the fuse tube. If there is severe burn, replace the melt tube at the same time. When the porcelain fused pipe is damaged, it is not allowed to replace it with other material pipes. Filler type fuses should be filled with fillers when replacing melts.


3, fuses and the distribution device should be repaired at the same time:

1) Clean the dust and check the contacts for contact;

2) Check the appearance of the fuse (remove the fuse tube) for damage and deformation, and whether the porcelain pieces have any traces of discharge scintillation;

3) Check the fuse, melt and the circuit or equipment to be protected, if any problems should be investigated promptly;

1P Fuse

4) Pay attention to check the N line in the TN grounding system, the device's grounding protection line, do not allow the use of fuses;

5) When checking and checking the fuses, according to the requirements of safety regulations, cut off the power and do not allow the fuses to be taken out.

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