How to choose switch and socket

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In everyday life, switch sockets are often used. The presence of switch sockets facilitates people's lifestyles. How to buy switches and sockets?

switch and socket

1, switch socket purchase points - look

The panel should be uniform in color, smooth in surface, free from dents, noises, bubbles, stains, cracks, swelling, lack of glue, deformation, scratches, shrinkage, and other defects. Metal parts are free of burrs, cracks, corrosion marks, rust, and screw head damage.

2, switch socket purchase points - weight

When buying a switch socket, you should also weigh the weight. If merchants choose thin copper sheets, they will feel lighter. Copper plates and terminals used in good switch sockets are usually thick and relatively heavy. Copper is a key part of the switch socket, and it is also an important part of identifying fake and inferior products. Consumers should also pay attention to the purchase: Some unscrupulous manufacturers will add iron in the product to increase the weight, we must see when purchasing.

switch and socket

3, switch socket purchase points - identify places

Different places should be equipped with different types of switch sockets. Water and fumes are often found in kitchens and bathrooms, and splash-proof boxes or plastic baffles are best installed on the outlet panel. This can effectively prevent short circuit caused by oil and water vapor intrusion. In families with young children, parents are advised to use safety sockets with safety flaps in order to prevent children from touching them with their fingers or using metallic objects.

switch and socket

In addition, when installing the three-hole socket, the ground wire must not be allowed to exist in the shape of a dummy, and the ground wire must not be directly connected to the gas pipeline. These practices are quite dangerous. The ground wire is connected to the housing of the electrical appliance. Once the appliance is leaked, it will cause people to get an electric shock.

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