Misuse of leakage circuit breakers

Update date:2018-06-15 Source:MAXGE

Misuse of leakage circuit breakers

Leakage circuit breaker is a kind of protective electrical appliance which is more common in industrial and mining enterprises and households, especially in hand-held power tools. However, due to misuse and incorrect use, the leakage protector is in practical use. Failed to protect it. The problems are:


1. The type selection is not appropriate. The leakage circuit breaker used to prevent electric shock should use the high-sensitivity and fast type, and the product of its operating current and operating time should not exceed 30mAs.


Second, understanding is wrong, some users mistakenly believe that the hand-held power tool is equipped with a leakage circuit breaker on everything, and omit the zero protection, so that the protection of electrical equipment has lost the role of leakage protection, only played a role in protection against electric shock.

Leakage circuit breaker

Third, the use of non-standard, single-phase leakage protection in the protection of the zero line and the work is not separated from the zero line, leakage protection function failure, once the tool shell leakage, short-circuit current will also burn the leakage circuit breaker; or protection of the zero line and the work of the zero line Although separated, but in the power outlet ground wire hanging, the actual ground is false, so that leakage protection is still not achieve the protection it should have.

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