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With the popularization and application of household appliances, it is very important to correctly grasp the knowledge of safe use of electricity and ensure the safety of electricity.

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(1) Every family must have some necessary electrical appliances such as electroscopes, screwdrivers, and glue clamps, as well as various types of fuses and fuses that are suitable for the use of household appliances.

(2) Each household meter must be equipped with general insurance before it. The meter should be equipped with a total knife gate and leakage protection switch.

(3) In any case, it is forbidden to use copper or iron wires instead of fuses. The size of the fuse must match the capacity used. When replacing the fuse, remove the porcelain cover and replace it. Do not lap the fuse directly in the porcelain case. Do not replace the fuse in the live condition (without opening the knife).

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(4) After the fuse or leakage switch is blown, the cause must be ascertained before switching on the switching power supply. Under no circumstances shall the conductors be short-circuited or pressed against the leakage switch tripping mechanism for forced transmission.

(5) There should be a complete and reliable power cord plug when using home appliances. Home appliances for metal enclosures must be grounded.

(6) Switches and fuses cannot be installed on the ground and neutral wires. It is forbidden to connect the grounding cable to tap water and gas pipelines.

(7) Do not touch the live equipment with wet hands. Do not wipe the live equipment with a damp cloth.

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(8) Don't pull the cable by yourself and do not move the charged device.

(9) When checking and repairing home appliances, the power must be disconnected.

(10) When the power cord of the household appliance is damaged, replace it immediately or wrap it with an insulating cloth.

(11) When there is a fire in a household appliance or wire, disconnect the power and then extinguish the fire.

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