Maintenance of circuit breaker

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Maintenance of circuit breaker

1. Regular replacement of rubber parts The main circuit breaker is a pneumatic motor with complex structure. Each part requires high sealing performance. In order to ensure good sealing performance, the rubber parts should be replaced regularly.
2. Regular inspection of major components Periodically check that all major components maintain a good state of technology. 


(1) Arc extinguishing chamber Periodically detect the state of overtravel of the main contact and the spring of the movable contactor. Since the moving and static contacts are frequently divided and combined, they will wear due to mutual friction, resulting in reduced overtravel and reduced contact pressure. small. When the overtravel reduces to a certain degree, it is necessary to replace the static and dynamic contacts. When the deformation of the movable contact spring exceeds a certain limit, it must be replaced in time. 


(2) Non-linear resistance Keep the non-linear resistance porcelain bottle clean and seal well. Replace the desiccant in non-linear resistance porcelain bottle regularly. The resistance of the non-linear resistor is detected. When the resistance value changes more than a certain limit, it must be replaced in time. (3) Main valve Check the fitting size between the piston and the valve body regularly. If the size does not meet the requirements, replace it in time. 

Miniature Circuit Breaker

(4) Transmission air cylinder The buffer of the transmission air cylinder is properly adjusted to ensure that the isolation switch works well. Regularly check the matching accuracy between the piston and the cylinder, and trim or replace parts to ensure good performance.(circuit breaker)

(5) Ventilation plug door The packing in the plug door must be changed regularly to measure the ventilation of the plug door and adjust it to within the allowable range.

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