Electromagnetic starter

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Electromagnetic starter

The principle of low-voltage starting is to use a lower voltage to reduce the starting current of the motor, generally used for higher power motors. (circuit breaker)

Electromagnetic starter

1, magnetic start

The magnetic starter consists of a steel stamped enclosure, a steel backplane, an AC contactor, a thermal relay, and corresponding wiring. When used, it should be equipped with a start stop button switch and be connected correctly to the manual signal cable. When the start button is pressed, the AC contactor coil installed in the magnetic starter is energized, the armature drives the contact group to close, and the electrical (usually motor) power supply is turned on, and self-locking is performed through the auxiliary contact. When the stop button is pressed, the internal AC contactor coil is de-energized and the contacts are opened, and the power supply is cut off and unlocked.

 AC contactor

2, star three start

Star-delta starting mode: In the star-phase three-phase winding of the motor is connected to a star, each winding is subjected to a voltage of 0.578Ue, after the delay (according to the actual operating state of the motor, 1~20S adjustable), through the star The delta conversion device connects the three-phase windings of the motor to a triangle. At this time, each winding withstands a rated voltage of 400 V at the incoming line; the instantaneous starting current is 2 to 3 times Ie.

Low pressure starter

3, auto-coupling decompression start

The step-down startup of the autotransformer refers to the use of an autotransformer to reduce the startup voltage applied to the stator windings of the motor when the motor is started. After the motor is started, the motor is disconnected from the autotransformer, so that it can move normally under full pressure. (MCCB)

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