Electricity safety during typhoon

Update date:2018-06-09 Source:MAXGE

This year Typhoon No. 4 "Ewiniar" landed three times in China within two days, including two landings in Guangdong. And it brought persistent heavy rain, which caused severe damage to many places. The electricity safety during typhoon also needs our attention


1. When the house enters the water, it is necessary to disconnect the main power in a timely manner, and do not arbitrarily withdraw the leakage protector; the fire of the line and the electric appliance can not be extinguished with water, do not use damp or faulty lines, equipment and electrical appliances, and do not touch the live line at will. And equipment.

2. If the electricity equipment is immersed in water, do not send power immediately after the water recedes. Carefully check it. Before use, check the insulation level and the safety of the household circuit, and install the leakage protector.

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3. Remind the residential property to strengthen the power distribution room doors and windows in advance, do a good job of low-voltage power distribution room and cable trench drainage, and debug the self-provided generator and reserve enough oil in advance.

4. When going out during a typhoon, try to avoid close to electric poles, street lamps, billboards and other electrical equipment and facilities to prevent electric shock from short circuit.

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5. If you find that the power line has fallen off, please keep a safe distance and call the power supply department in time.

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