The power system development future?

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With the Millennium Baby - the first batch of 00 after entering the college entrance exam, to meet the life exam. mcb electricals dealer  After the end of 00 college entrance examination will face the entrance and professional choice. Where is the future direction of power system development? 

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Is the status of the power industry shaken?

Although the power industry may not be as dynamic as the high-street finance gathered by the highly dynamic IT industry and Gao Shuaifu, it is still too early to say that it is a sunset industry. The transformation of electricity and energy is almost the most thrilling industrial transformation in the world. It is full of integration of various information technologies, communication technologies, and management technologies. There are only three industries in the world that can become industries: energy, transportation, and medical care. elcb circuit breaker

The growth rate of the power industry is often proportional to the level of economic growth. Because it is subject to great investment costs, it is impossible to develop over the long term and the development of the power industry will never stop. The practitioners in the electric power industry are not pessimistic. It is widely believed that in the new energy revolution, the development of the electric power industry will be the future of the energy revolution.

Industry experts believe that electric energy is the best and most efficient secondary energy source for current transmission. Unless there is anything that can be won by Nobel's major technological breakthrough to replace electricity, electricity will remain the backbone of the energy system for the foreseeable future.

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The Vitality of Power Technology

From a technical point of view, the overall operation and planning of the power system is being impacted by various scientific and technological developments, and it faces various problems. Unlike IT, computers and other emerging industries, the power industry's technology has been innovating, but ordinary people's feelings are not as obvious as mobile phones, computers, and Taobao. Its main performance in four areas: the reliability of power supply; qualified power quality; safe, economic, and reasonable; power grid flexible operation scheduling. For the above four aspects, non-power industry practitioners find it difficult to understand.

At present, the power industry is currently in a period of transition. The traditional power system is gradually being integrated with information technology. The entire industry is still in the early stage of transition. The combination of traditional power system and information technology gave birth to a "smart grid, which uses the smart grid to remotely monitor the power consumption of the user's end. The power auxiliary equipment from power generation, transmission, substation, distribution to electricity, required There are endless innovations in power generation, and there are many innovations in power generation (various types of new energy, ultra-supercritical, IGCC), and the final determination is likely to be controlled nuclear fusion.

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Each low-voltage electrical product produced by MAXGE Electric is a small part of the power industry's products. We believe that the future will be infinitely beautiful.

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