Distribution box, distribution cabinet and switchgear

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Distribution box, distribution cabinet and switchgear

The box that distributes electric energy is called the distribution box. Mainly used for the control of electrical equipment, power distribution, overload protection, short circuit, leakage protection. The distribution box is installed in various places such as schools, institutions, hospitals, factories, workshops, and households, such as lighting distribution boxes and power distribution boxes.

 Switchgear is a complete switchgear and control equipment. It serves as a power center and main distribution device. It is mainly used for the control, monitoring, measurement and protection of power lines and main electrical equipment. Often installed in substations, power distribution rooms, etc.

Distribution box

 In addition to the functions, installation environment, internal structure, and controlled objects, the distribution box and the switch cabinet are distinguished by their different outline dimensions. The distribution box is small and can be concealed in the wall and can stand on the ground. The cabinet is bulky and is only installed in substations and power distribution rooms.

distribution cabinet

 The control box is used for power distribution, lighting distribution and motor control inside and outside of various types of buildings. It is suitable for indoor wall-mounted and outdoor floor-mounted power distribution equipment. Mainly used for fire-fighting pump control, submersible pump control, fire-fighting fan control, fan control, lighting distribution control, etc., control methods include direct start control, star-delta step-down start control, auto-pump start control, inverter start control Various control methods, such as soft start control, can also use isolation switch and fuse switch as isolation breaking point.


 According to the requirements of electrical wiring, distribution cabinets are assembled in closed or semi-enclosed metal cabinets or screen panels to form low-voltage power distribution devices. During normal operation, the circuit can be switched on or off by means of a manual or automatic switch. There are many types of distribution cabinets. In the event of malfunction or abnormal operation, the circuit or alarm is cut off by means of a protective appliance. Measurement instruments can be used to display various parameters in operation, and certain electrical parameters can also be adjusted to indicate or signal deviations from normal operating conditions. Commonly used in all hair, distribution, substations.

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