The reason why the switch socket is hot

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Switches and sockets are often used in our daily lives. Some of them may be hot during use. What are the reasons for this?

 switch socket

1. Outlet quality is poor

We should check whether the strips are inferior products with inferior brands. The clamping force of the copper pieces in the defective outlet is not enough, resulting in poor contact between the socket and the plug. When the appliance is used for a long time, the socket and plug will become hot. Therefore, we must not buy cheap brand-name electrical products, you should buy a large brand quality assurance outlet.

2. The outlet capacity is too small

Sometimes we buy a socket that is used for general electric power, but it makes it overloaded and uses high-powered electrical products, resulting in a "small horse-drawn cart," which will cause the outlet to heat up, shorten the service life, damage the appliance, and even Causes fire. Solution: Powerful appliances cannot be used at the same time on a single outlet. Regular outlet products are marked with rated voltage and current and should be carefully confirmed when purchased.

 switch socket

3. The plug is dirty

Plug oxidation or oil, resulting in increased contact resistance between the plug and socket, plus the load power, resulting in plug heat, if not treated in time, will form a vicious cycle, a long time and easy to cause fire. Solution: Regularly wipe the electrical plugs to prevent dust from accumulating on the plug's two poles and produce greenish green; use sandpaper on heavily-oxidized plugs, or replace new plugs.

4. Loose connection of socket and plug

The connection of the socket and the plug is not firm, and the contact resistance increases, which also easily leads to heat generation. Solution: Attach the wires securely.

5. Outlet work overtime

The socket has a service life, generally about 10 years. After the socket exceeds the service life, the copper pieces inserted inside are aged and the clamping force is reduced, resulting in poor contact with the plug and easy to generate heat. Solution: Consumers should have the concept of "lifetime of sockets" so that old sockets "retire" on time.

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6. At the same time access to a variety of high-power electrical appliances on the socket

Due to the unreasonable layout of room sockets, the number of rooms is also insufficient, resulting in many families connecting multiple appliances to the same multi-purpose socket. Because multi-use sockets and power cables have rated capacity, many household appliances, especially high-power appliances, are used at the same time on the same multi-purpose socket. This will inevitably result in too much current, causing overheating of multi-purpose sockets and plugs.

After the plug and household appliance power plug become hot, they must be stopped immediately and the cause of the hot press should be checked. If it is a problem of product quality, replace the socket or plug. If the power of the appliance is too high, suspend the use of the appliance for targeted maintenance or replace.

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