How to install the weak box

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Nowadays, people's requirements for life are getting higher and higher, and the demand for decoration is also getting bigger and bigger. The requirements have also begun to increase gradually. We often hear weak boxes in the renovation. Decorations commonly used in modern homes, such as cables, telephone lines, computers, USB cables, VGA TVs, color differences, antennas, etc., can be placed therein. The following small series introduces how to install and install the household weak box.

weak box

1. Taking into account the location of the home cable and the convenience of management, the home smart wiring box (weakening box) is generally installed at the entrance or lobby of the house. According to the construction specifications, the height of the bottom of the box should be 30cm to 50cm above the ground.

2. After the installation position of the box is determined, a pre-embedded hole is left on the wall according to the length and width of the box.

weak box

3. In the first installation of water and electricity during the decoration process, the box and pipeline are pre-embedded, and the knock-out hole of the box is knocked open (the hole-opener can be used when the hole is not opened). It is possible to enter and exit the line from the upper and lower sides of the box, and connect the various threading pipes that enter and exit the box to the box firmly. It is recommended that the box be grounded.

4. Put the box into the reserved hole in the wall and fasten it with wooden wedges and smashed bricks. Level it with a level ruler so that the positive end of the box is flush with the wall. Then fill the gap with cement and smooth it with the wall.

weak box

5. After the wall painting is completed, the door and door frame can be installed on the box body, and the door frame, the door and the box body are fixed with screws, and the installation of the door frame is maintained to be level.

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