Kitchen circuit and socket layout

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When we were decorating the kitchen, the layout of the circuit and outlet was an important link.

kitchen socket layout

First, the kitchen socket layout

1, hood, refrigerator socket, hood socket height is usually about 1.6-1.8 meters; In addition, if the refrigerator is on the inside of the kitchen, then there is a need for a refrigerator outlet, the height is generally 0.3 meters.

2. Installation of Switched Outlets in Kitchen Countertop Corners Depending on the needs of the family, three or four such outlets may be required. There are also more appliances used in the kitchen. Apart from microwave ovens, rice cookers, electric ovens, or juicers, etc., we can install sockets with switches in the corners of kitchen countertops, not just use. It's convenient when you get up, and when you're not using it, we don't need to unplug the power again. Just turn off the switch on the socket.

kitchen socket layout

Second, the kitchen circuit layout

1, the refrigerator is preferably a separate circuit, the refrigerator is an electrical appliances that need uninterrupted power supply, more special, so when we are in the renovation, it is recommended to separate the refrigerator separately, even if the kitchen's power is cut off, then still able to maintain The refrigerator is running.

2, the kitchen has a stress on the number of squares. Generally we use 2.5 square meters of wire, but the kitchen may have a lot of high-power electrical appliances, if you work at the same time, will cause a certain burden on the total road, so the proposed kitchen The total road uses 4 square wires. The branch road can still use 2.5 square meters.

kitchen socket layout

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