Energy Meter Installation Requirements

Update date:2018-05-31 Source:MAXGE

In order to make better use of electric energy meter, according to previous experience, it is summarized as follows


(1) It is usually required that the power meter and the power distribution device be installed in one place. The front side and the edges of the boards on which the electric energy meter is installed should be painted and protected against moisture. The planks should be solid slabs, not wood deck structures. The plank must be solid and dry, there should be no cracks, and the splicing area should be flat and flat.

(2) The meter should be installed in a dry, vibration-free and non-corrosive atmosphere. The lower edge of the table board is generally not less than 1.3m above the ground.


(3) In order to make the course of the line simple and not confusing, the power meter should be installed on the left or the bottom of the power distribution device. For the convenience of meter reading, the center of the electric meter should be installed 1.5~1.8m away from the ground. If more than one meter needs to be installed, the center distance between the two tables should not be less than 200mm.

(4) The electricity lines with different electricity prices shall be installed separately, and the electricity lines with the same electricity price shall be combined and loaded.


(5) When installing the meter, the meter body must be perpendicular to the ground, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the meter.

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