Contactor daily use management

Update date:2018-05-30 Source:MAXGE

In order to extend the life of the contactor and ensure circuit safety, daily maintenance of the contactor is required.


(1) Regularly detect the supply voltage of the contactor coil and prevent the coil from overheating when the voltage is too high. The impact force is large when the magnetic system is closed, and the related parts and components are easily damaged. When the voltage is too low, the contactor closes slowly and it is easy to make motion. Mechanical resistance, the contacts are easy to sinter together, produce bad effects in the speed change or commutation, resulting in automatic control circuit failure.

(2) regularly clean it with a high-quality cleaning cloth or brush; if air is blown with dry compressed air, the air pressure must not exceed O.2MPa, and should be vented before use to vapor After the dust is blown away and used, these two points are often overlooked and bring undue trouble.


(3) The core work surface should be regularly inspected to remove oil, dust, and rust. Because of their presence can cause noise and the contactor does not release when the power is turned off, or the release action is delayed.

(4) It is necessary to regularly check the wear of moving parts to prevent mechanical wear and jamming, which will increase the scope of faults.

(5) Regularly inspect each fastening connector for looseness, especially when the contactor mounting surface is subject to vibration. Loosening of connecting fasteners will cause mechanical parts to become stuck and increase wear; loose conductive parts will cause poor conductive contact, increase contact resistance, cause overheating, discolor the metal parts, and burn the insulating material.


(6) Regularly check the contactor contacts for black soot, metal particles, surface smoothness, and contact pressure, open distance and overtravel conditions. Clean and align contacts and adjust contact pressure, open distance and overtravel are allowed. Within range. When cleaning the contacts, it is best not to use a trowel to flatten the contacts to contact the work surface (working point or wire). This will shorten the life of the contacts.

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