The role of equipotential bonding terminal box in the bathroom

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In the bathroom renovation, we may see such a box, which says: equipotential bonding terminal box, the role of this box is actually not small, everyone can not be ignored in the decoration.

Equipotential bonding terminal box

1. Introduction of equipotential bonding terminal box

There are several connection points in the equipotential bonding terminal box. During the renovation, at the end of the line, some bathroom fittings such as showers, showers, and faucets are connected to the bathroom, while the other end is the main reinforcement that leads to the building. , Connected to earth by steel bars. In this way, the whole can form a connected line.

2, the main role of equipotential bonding line is to avoid the accumulation of static electricity, causing harm to the human body. We all know that any object that touches and rubs against each other will generate static electricity. Under normal circumstances, static electricity will not cause harm to people, but after static electricity accumulates to a certain extent, in the case of instantaneous discharge, it can still cause certain damage to the human body. hurt. Then we need to pass static electricity into the earth through a wire to prevent people from being harmed by static electricity. In our family's bathroom bathroom equipment, long-term accumulation, there may be a certain amount of static electricity on it, in fact, this is also a potential difference above the conductor, if the human body contacts, formed a connected line, Then this potential difference will flow from high potential to low potential, thus forming a current. After the current passes through the human body, it will cause some harm to the human body.

Equipotential bonding terminal box

3, where the need for equipotential bonding lines, in addition to the bathroom, in fact there is a kitchen, but also the need for equipotential bonding line. The common equipment of the bathroom that needs to connect the equipotential bonding terminal wires are: shower, bathroom, faucet; and the kitchen is gas pipeline, water pipe and other places.

4. Some homes do not have equipotential bonding terminal boxes at home. In fact, they do not need to be particularly panic. The equipotential bonding terminal box is used as an auxiliary safety device. If there is no such thing in the home, it will not cause any serious harm to people. The probability of an accident is small. However, if you have this box inside your home, then during the renovation, you must require the construction workers to connect and install them. If they are not installed, they will be cheating.

Equipotential bonding terminal box

I believe that through the above introduction, everyone will know the role of the equipotential bonding box, so after the renovation, you can no longer ignore it.

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