The use of AC contactors with special requirements

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The use of AC contactors with special requirements

1 anti-swing electric AC contactor

The power system shakes the power supply system due to lightning strikes, reclosing after a short circuit, and automatic restoration of a single-phase artificial short-term fault after grounding, and the sloshing time is generally less than a few seconds.

AC contactor

In the case of continuous production requirements, the equipment is not allowed to cause equipment tripping and power failure when the power supply is interrupted for a short period of time (shocking power). A new type of electronic control equipment can be used: anti-swing electrical AC contactors.

Anti-sway electrical contactor does not rely on auxiliary power supply, does not rely on auxiliary mechanical devices, has small size, high reliability, it uses strong suction device, double winding coils, contactors in the release of the release of harmful jitter, avoiding the grid Loss of pressure causes arc welding due to contact jitter, thus reducing contact wear. Contactor coil with energy storage mechanism, when the Akira electricity occurs, the contactor coil delayed release, its auxiliary contact delays the release of the control signal, which avoids the sloshing time, slugging time by the nature of the load and power off The length determines that the contactor delay time is adjustable.

2 energy-saving AC contactor

The power saving of AC contactors refers to the use of various power saving technologies to reduce the active and reactive power consumed when the operating electromagnetic system is holding. The operating system of AC contactors generally uses AC control power supply. Our existing 63A or more AC contactors consume between tens of watts and several hundred watts of active power when they are held, and the reactive power is less than tens of thousands. Between several hundred depletions, the general consumed power core accounts for about 65% to 75%, the short-circuit ring accounts for about 25% to 30%, and the coil accounts for about 3% to 5%, so the AC suction current can be changed to DC suction. Holding, or using mechanical structure, holding, current limiting, etc., can reduce most of the power loss in the short circuit ring, but also eliminate, reduce noise, improve the environment.


According to the principle is generally divided into three categories: power saver, node coil, power-saving AC contactor. The electromagnetic system adopts a power-saving device, which can make the electromagnetic noiseless and low temperature rise, and solve the problem of using the power-saving device with a release delay, such as the domestically produced CJ40 series.

3 AC contactor with additional functions

The application of electronic technology can easily add main circuit protection functions in the contactor, such as undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, phase failure protection, and leakage protection. In the event of a motor burn accident, 11% of contactors are poorly contacted. Therefore, it is necessary to select electrical devices such as circuit breakers and contactors with phase-failure protection.

The contactor plus auxiliary module can meet some special requirements. Adding mechanical interlock can constitute a reversible contactor, realize the positive and negative reversible rotation of the motor, or two contactors plus mechanical interlocking to achieve the main circuit electrical interlock, can be used for frequency conversion / frequency switching of the inverter; refueling delay contact and auxiliary The contact group can achieve motor Y/ start; plus air delay contact can constitute a time delay contactor.

Circuit breaker

The electromagnetic coil of the AC contactor can be used as the low voltage protection of the motor. The control loop should be powered by the main circuit of the motor. If the power is supplied by other power supply, the control power should be automatically disconnected when the main circuit loses voltage.

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