Solar water heater usage instructions

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Solar water heater usage instructions

1. When the weather is hot and the water temperature is excessively high, it is necessary to use the upper water valve to limit the pressure and add water. After the water is used up, stop adding water. As much as possible before the sunrise in the morning or two hours after the sun goes down in the evening to ensure the normal service life of the water heater.

2. Each solar water heater head has a vent hole. After the water is full, it is normal for water to flow out. After closing the upper water valve, it will stop. This phenomenon does not occur with the water heater installed on the water level indicator.

3, solar water heater electric heating power is 1500W, cloudy or winter water temperature is not enough to use, without long-term plug. Power off in the shower. When plugged in, the leakage protection plug's red light indicates that it is heating, and the green light indicates that the water temperature has reached 65°C.

Solar energy

4. When the temperature is not at 5-7°C, after the water is used up in the evening, there is some hot water left in the vacuum tube of the water heater, which needs to be filled with water immediately to reduce the internal water temperature of the water heater, avoid heat loss during the night, and reasonably use heat energy.

5, the temperature is particularly low, the water heater to ensure that more than 80% of the water level, even with a cloudy day, it is best to use the water heater, and timely replenishment.

6. When bathing, the water in the solar water heater has been used up. A few minutes of cold water is appropriate. The principle of cold water sinking and hot water floating up is used to lift the hot water in the vacuum tube and it can then be used.

7. After the night is finished, there are about 70°C hot water in the water heater tank. To prevent the heat from losing too much, it is necessary to determine the amount of water in accordance with the water temperature forecast. The next day is sunny, full of water; rainy days, 2/3 of the water.

Solar water heater method

1. If the device is overflow pipe sensing, the user can turn on the stepless valve or water valve to provide solar water heater with water. Usually the solar water heater has an overflow pipe, which can be based on the overflow pipe. Drainage discriminate water full condition, other can be equipped with water level control instrument, water full active alarm, according to the alarm difference.

2, if the device is an integrated valve, the user should open the water valve, tap water through the beginning of the upper and lower water pipes to solar water, water is full of active closure, when we use the water to close the valve, turn on the water switch or mix Water valve can be.

3. If the equipment has a water utility control system, the user first presses the water button on the control system, the solenoid valve opens, and the solar energy is replenished. After reaching the set water level, the control system stops the solar water supply.


4, solar water heater function, in the summer sunny conditions, the water temperature can reach boiling point in less than two days, if there is no need for water for a long time, such as travel, travel, so that the water tank for a long time under high temperature and high pressure conditions will advance The aging of the sealing ring accelerates the aging and shrinkage of the polyurethane, and sometimes the exhaust is not smooth. If the pressure is too high, the water tank will swell, and the scale will be reduced, shortening the life of the water tank. Therefore, if you are not at home for a long time, you should arrange for others to often put hot water on cold water, perhaps placing a cover on the vacuum tube collector to block the sunlight, and then remove it after returning home.

5, bathing, if the water in the solar water heater is now running out of water, and people have not yet washed clean, then can be a little bit cold water, the use of cold water sink, hot water floating principle, the vacuum tube out of the hot water You can then take a shower.

6, if after bathing, there is a little hot water in the solar water heater, then a bit cold water, the hot water can wash more than one person.

Solar BOX

7, according to the weather forecast resolution on the amount of water, to be able to get a contrast satisfaction tomorrow sunny days, can be full of water; if cloudy or cloudy, the first half of the box of water; rain, save the original water is not cold water.

8. After bathing in the night, if there is still nearly 70 degrees of hot water in the water heater tank, in order to prevent the heat loss is too large (the less the water, the faster the heat loss), it is also necessary to determine the amount of water according to the temperature forecast of the water temperature. Tomorrow is sunny and full of water. On rainy days, it is 2/3 of water.

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