Home electrical fire prevention

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According to fire department statistics, more than 30% of home fires are caused by electricity and account for the first cause of fire. Among them, the most common ones are short circuits of overloaded wires, poor contact, aging of lines, unqualified home appliances, or improper use. How to prevent the following points

distribution box

1. Distribute the distribution box scientifically, and select the circuit breaker with the appropriate current according to the use of power circuit and the use of electrical appliances. In addition, the conditional household can also install the leakage protection device. When the accident occurs such as electric shock to the family, it can act in time. And cut off the current.

2. Replace the wires as soon as possible. At present, the power lines used by many households are laid when building houses more than ten years ago or earlier. The gradual and loose aging of the wire insulation layer after 10 years of use will cause slight electrical leakage, and in severe cases it will cause short circuit and fire. In addition, the wires used in the old houses are designed to carry a small load, which is incompatible with the requirements of modern home electrification. In the event of overload, the aging of wire insulation is accelerated.

Household appliances

3, rational arrangement of wires. Air conditioners, heaters, induction cookers and other high-power electrical appliances are best to use dedicated line

4, the correct use of household appliances. Household appliances must select qualified products produced by regular manufacturers, and must not purchase three products for the sake of cheapness. When using a new appliance, read the appliance instructions in detail and follow the instructions carefully.


5, to master the knowledge of electrical fire fighting.

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