The benefits of photovoltaic power generation

Update date:2018-05-24 Source:MAXGE

The benefits of photovoltaic power generation

In recent years, the government has developed and utilized renewable resources such as solar energy on a large scale, nurtured the new energy industry as a strategic leading industry for new round of economic growth, promoted the construction of new energy projects, and used policies to guide qualified companies to develop distributed photovoltaics. energy.

Photovoltaic distribution box

To date, many eligible commercial and industrial enterprises have installed distributed photovoltaic power generation systems on their roofs. In order to control the haze, the government will issue more relevant policies in the future to allow more commercial and industrial enterprises and public facilities to install photovoltaic new energy systems on the roofs. For industrial and commercial enterprises, installing a distributed photovoltaic system will bring many changes to the company itself. Let us take a look:

1, less pollution

Photovoltaic power generation systems are safe, green and sustainable clean energy. They generate zero emissions and zero pollution during power generation and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Greatly reduce the pollution of the surrounding environment, and help ease the arrival of haze weather.

pv box

2, less electricity

Most PV power plants now use single crystal high-efficiency systems with high conversion rates and high power generation. The generated electricity can fully meet the needs of enterprises for electricity during the day, allowing enterprises to no longer assume high peak and even value electricity prices. Save on electricity costs.

3, revenue channels have become more

On the one hand, companies can sell surplus electricity outside of their own use to the national grid to obtain electricity price gains. Or in the future, you can also use the partition to sell electricity and electricity to gain profits. On the other hand, for the sake of environmental protection, the country's carbon emission limits are used to limit carbon emissions. At this time, companies can install photovoltaic power stations to join the carbon trading system and gain more revenue by selling clean power.


4, products with low carbon properties, become more popular

Enterprises that install photovoltaic energy power facilities can apply for certification as a green factory, and the products they produce can also apply for the labeling of power greens to become green products and gain a higher brand premium. Today, environmental protection has become a common consensus in the society. This low-carbon green product will be more welcomed by the market.

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