Home circuit breaker selection suggestions

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circuit breaker

1. Divide the total power supply into daily power and normally open power. Normally-opened power supplies mainly provide monitoring, networking, and refrigerators that require long-term power consumption. The advantage of this is that if you are not at home for a few days, you can turn off your daily power supply. Electric appliances such as monitors will continue to work. This will ensure electricity safety and energy efficiency.

circuit breaker

2. Circuit breaker and leakage circuit breaker selection: Cabinet air conditioning, kitchen, bathroom, guest bedroom socket circuit must be equipped with leakage insurance, it is recommended to have independent leakage protection, so that if there is a leakage problem in any position, it will not cause the other position socket to be unusable. .

3. The size of the circuit breaker current, it is recommended to plan how much electrical appliances to use under the home, put there, and then account for how much wire diameter and current each circuit needs. Achieve reasonable planning, save environmental protection, the average family commonly used 32A, 20A and 16A circuit breaker, if the circuit is more electrical appliances, you can use 63A

circuit breaker

4. Undervoltage protection switch can be added for voltage stabilization.

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