Low-voltage reactor installation process

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Low-voltage reactor installation process

1, open inspection

After the equipment is unpacked, the following visual inspections shall be carried out first: The pillars and the coil insulation shall be free from serious damage and cracks; the coils shall be free from deformation, and the post insulators and other accessories shall be complete. Check whether the protective paint of the reactor body surface is scratched. If there is any scratch, contact the manufacturer. Do not allow ordinary paint to be applied.


2. Preparation

(1) Check the verticality and level of the frame;

(2) Check the size of the base of the reactor and the hole spacing should be consistent;

(3) Cleaning the reactor requires that the surface is free of stains. Check the inside of the reactor for no impurities, especially metal objects.

(4) Find out the phase sequence of the reactors to be installed according to the phase order of the design rules. The numbers of the same group of reactors should be the same.

3, installation measures

(1) Reactors shall be installed according to their number and meet the following requirements:

1 When three-phase vertical arrangement, the winding of the middle phase coil should be opposite to the upper and lower phase.

2 When two phases overlap vertically and one phase is juxtaposed, the overlapping two phases should be reversed, and the other phase is the same as the above one phase.

3 Three-phase horizontal arrangement, three-phase winding should be the same.

circuit breaker

(2) The post insulators and raised seats can be assembled on the ground in advance, so that the post insulators and the raised seats should be in the same line, and rubber insulators should be installed on both sides of the post insulators.

(3) Use 5 tons of shackles to hang at the four hanging points on the reactor star frame and hoist them with a 3m φ18 wire rope.

(4) During installation, the reactor shall be lifted off the ground with a height slightly higher than the total height of the post insulator and the raised seat, and then the post insulator and the raised seat shall be installed. At this moment, the bolt shall be pre-tightened. Note that rubber pads should be installed on both sides of the pillar insulators, and all bolts should be made of stainless steel bolts that are magnetically shielded.

(5) Lift the reactor to the assembled stand and remove the shackle for hoisting.

(6) Adjust the verticality of the post insulators and finally weld the raised seat bottom to the bracket.

Miniature Circuit Breaker

(7) Assemble the umbrella on the ground and hoist it to the reactor.

(8) When installing vertically and vertically, all the pillar insulators of the bottom layer shall be grounded, and the other pillar insulators shall not be grounded. When each phase is separately installed, each pillar insulator shall be grounded, and the grounding wire shall not form a closed loop.

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