The difference between molded case circuit breaker and air switch

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The difference between molded case circuit breaker and air switch

What is the difference between a molded case circuit breaker and an air switch?

1. The air switch is the air circuit breaker, which is opposite to the molded case circuit breaker. Its role in the circuit is to connect, break and carry the rated operating current and short circuit, overload and other fault currents, and can be in line and load. Under the problems of overload, short circuit, undervoltage, etc., the circuit is quickly broken and the circuit is reliably protected.


2. Molded case circuit breaker can automatically cut off the current. Under normal circumstances, the protection will be triggered automatically when the current exceeds the setting. Molded shells are said to use plastic insulators as the housing of the device to isolate the conductors and grounded metal parts. Molded case circuit breakers usually contain a thermal-magnetic trip unit, while large-sized molded case circuit breakers are equipped with a solid-state trip sensor.

How to choose molded case circuit breaker

1. First select the category according to the specific conditions of use, and then determine the specific parameters according to the rated current of the circuit and the requirements for protection. When the rated current is below 630A, the short-circuit current is not too large, and the molded case circuit breaker is preferred. The rated current is relatively large, and it is better to use the frame type circuit breaker, and it is better to replace those with good performance of the molded case circuit breaker. It should be noted that it is necessary to calculate the current limiting capability of the circuit breaker for branches with large short-circuit currents. Circuit breakers should have this function when there is a leakage protection requirement.

Molded Case Circuit Breaker

2. Secondly determine the type of circuit breaker, determine the parameters, it is to see the cost, it is the key factor in the choice. Under the conditions that can meet the basic requirements, the circuit breaker should be safe and reliable, and it has good scalability. For example, it can be adjusted to adapt to changes in the future load within a certain range, and modular units can be added to achieve functional expansion.

3. Today's distribution systems require circuit breakers to be able to provide circuit isolation and safety protection in addition to current control and simple short-circuit and overload protection. They are reliable against personal and equipment safety and distribution systems. The sexual aspects have put forward new requirements. Therefore, the development, design and purchase of products also focus on three aspects of personal safety, protection of electrical circuits and equipment, and reliable power supply.

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In a word, molded case circuit breakers are very important in our daily life, especially when used in electrical appliances. We have some knowledge about molded case circuit breakers and help us to treat electrical hazards safely and reasonably in our daily lives.

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