AC contactor installation:

Update date:2018-05-21 Source:MAXGE

(1) Check whether the technical data (such as rated voltage, current, operating frequency, etc.) of the nameplate of the contactor and the coil meet the actual requirements.

AC contactor

(2) Check the appearance of the contactor should be free of mechanical damage; when the movable part of the contactor is pushed by hand, the contactor should be flexible and free of jamming; the arc extinguishing cover should be intact and firmly fixed.

(3) Wipe the anti-rust grease on the pole face of the iron core or the iron scale sticking on the pole face with kerosene to avoid the armature being stuck after many uses, and it cannot be released after power off.

AC contactor

(4) Measuring the coil resistance and insulation resistance of the contactor should meet the requirements.

(5) The AC contactor should generally be installed on a vertical surface with an inclination of no more than 5°. If there is a heat dissipation hole, the holed side should be placed in the vertical direction to facilitate heat dissipation; Arc space, so as not to burn the adjacent arc appliances.

AC contactor

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