Analysis of Causes of Burning of Circuit Breaker Breaker

Update date:2018-05-17 Source:MAXGE

Circuit breaker is a kind of load switch with short circuit and overload protection function, and its short circuit protection function is realized by electromagnetic coil. Because of the perfect protection function and easy maintenance and use, circuit breakers are widely used in power systems.

Circuit breaker

There are four main causes for the breakdown of the breaker opening coil:

Switching mechanism mechanical failure. When the coil is loose, the electromagnet core shifts when the circuit breaker is opened, so that the iron core is awkward, causing the coil to burn out; or because the movement stroke of the iron core is short, when the sub-gate circuit power is connected, the tripping mechanism of the core is not opened. Causes the coil to electrify for a long time, resulting in burnt.

Circuit breaker

Inadequate adjustment of travel and auxiliary switch contacts. When the circuit breaker parameters are adjusted, the initial state of the circuit breaker opening will be changed, and the initial state of the auxiliary switch opening position is not adjusted accordingly. This will cause the auxiliary switch to not normally switch the opening circuit and cause the sub-gate coil to be burned. The

  Protection control device failure. The opening command is issued by the protection control device. If the sub-gate relay in the device fails or the stroke of the auxiliary switch contact of the opening control circuit is large, the sub-gate command cannot be withdrawn in time, and the opening coil will be long. The time is charged and burned.

Circuit breaker

The opening circuit resistance is too large. The insulation of the sub-gate coil circuit is reduced, or the resistance of the sub-gate circuit is too small, resulting in a large voltage drop in the sub-gate control circuit, resulting in the voltage not reaching the operating value of the coil sub-gate voltage, so that the sub-gate coil is charged for a long time. burn.

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