Five misunderstandings of factory automation reform

Update date:2018-05-16 Source:MAXGE

 "Robotic revolution" began, many companies have embarked on the "no return" of factory automation, unmanned factory also seems to gradually become the future development trend of the factory. There are five major errors in this process that we need to know.

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Misunderstanding 1: The introduction of robots is an automation upgrade. The application of robots is one of the most representative aspects of automation upgrades. But it does not mean that all problems can be solved. Pneumatic and hydraulic control and non-standard equipment automation is also one of the most important means to achieve automation. Especially for some special applications, robots can not solve, non-standard automation equipment is the answer. Automation upgrades must not be merely staring at robots. Multiple channels are the best.

Misunderstanding 2: The robot can be used as a smart device after it is bought. It is not easy to install and debug. If you neglect the development (or secondary development) and application of robots, many robots will not be bought back or used improperly.

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Misunderstanding 3: Automation can be upgraded in one step The real automation upgrade is not a simple workstation or the replacement of a machine, but an extremely complex system engineering. The automation transformation needs to be able to do what it takes, starting from the more mature automation technology, starting from the site where the factory urgently needs upgrading, and gradually proceeding, and must not be pursued in one step.

Misunderstanding 4: Any process can be replaced by automated equipment Products that are manufactured using automated production lines should have a large enough output; product design and processes should be advanced, stable, and reliable, and remain basically unchanged for a longer period of time. Not all processes are suitable for automation. The use of automatic lines in mass production and mass production has significant economic benefits.

automation factory

Misunderstanding 5: Implementing Automation is Realizing Industry 4.0 The concept of Industry 4.0 and China-made 2025 has been very hot recently, and many companies blindly follow suit. Manufacturing companies should pay more attention to the solutions to actual technologies and problems. When it comes to generalized management automation with information as the core technology, the era of Industry 4.0 will also emerge.

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