Grounding system in low voltage distribution

Update date:2018-05-15 Source:MAXGE

Low-voltage power distribution systems are divided into three types according to the different grounding methods, namely TT, TN and IT systems.

earthing system

1. The TT system is a protection system that directly grounds the metal housing of an electrical device, which is called a protective earthing system. The first symbol T indicates that the neutral point of the power system is directly grounded; the second symbol T indicates that the conductive part of the load device that is not exposed to the live body is directly connected to the ground, regardless of how the system is grounded. All grounding of the load in the TT system is called protective grounding.

earthing system

2. TN mode power supply system This kind of power supply system is a protection system that connects the metal housing of the electrical equipment with the working neutral wire. It is called the zero protection system and it is represented by TN. In the TN mode power supply system, it is divided into two types, TN-C and TN-S, depending on whether the protection neutral line is separated from the working neutral line.

earthing system

3. IT mode power supply system I indicates that the power supply side has no working ground or is grounded with a high impedance. The second letter T indicates that the load side electrical equipment is grounded.

When the user selects the circuit breaker, different types of circuit breakers can be selected according to different grounding systems.

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