Daily maintenance of injection molding machine

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Daily maintenance of injection molding machine

Routine maintenance means that the operator of the injection molding machine equipment conducts routine inspections of the equipment before, during, and after use of the machine, and records daily inspections, checks and maintenance such as leaks and pressure changes, and early detection. Accidents and signs of malfunctions are dealt with promptly to prevent major accidents from occurring. Routine maintenance should be included in the responsibility system to be implemented.


(1) Check before use

Inspection of oil in the tank: Observe that the amount of oil should be determined within the standard amount of oil;

Check of room temperature and oil temperature: generally only in winter and summer rain season. When the room temperature (ambient temperature) is lower than 0 °C, the oil should be preheated; when the room temperature is higher than 35 °C, heat dissipation measures should be considered;

Check the pressure gauge: Observe whether the pressure gauge is heavily swung and whether it can return to zero or range status;

 Temperature control part check: thermostat, temperature sensing wire, heating coil, AC contactor or solid state relay, temperature rise time, temperature deviation, etc.

(2) Inspection in use

When starting the overflow valve to confirm to adjust to the lowest pressure, the pressure regulator handle is loosened, and then the oil pump is observed to see if there is any abnormal situation: if the pump can produce oil, if there is abnormal sound, the pressure gauge is extremely fickle;

Miniature Circuit Breaker

Adjust and check the regulating pressure of the overflow valve, whether it can continuously and uniformly rise and fall, and then adjust to the set pressure after everything is normal;

Oil temperature, pump case temperature, electromagnet temperature check: oil temperature is normal at 20°C-50°C, pump case temperature is higher than room temperature by 10°C-30°C, normal temperature, electromagnet temperature rise by electromagnetic Iron nameplate;

Oil leakage inspection: pump joint surface, output shaft, pipe joints, cylinder piston rod and end cap joints, oil tank sides, etc., inspection of oil leakage at various valve component mounting surfaces, mounting threads, and mounting flanges ;


Noise and vibration check: whether the pump has "grilled ..." sound, whether the electromagnet sounds "whisper", whether there is vibration in the pipeline, whether the cylinder sounds when reversing, whether the pipeline is loose, etc. Inspection

Pressure gauge inspections;

Electrical component working conditions, safety device reliability inspection;

Check whether the fastening nuts and screws of the machine column and cylinder components are loose.

〔3〕Check before work (after shutdown)

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