The working principle of the circuit breaker is analyzed

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electrical circuit breaker

Circuit breaker in the development of our country is very rapid, a lot of factories and families in the use of circuit breaker, because it really have to rely on feeling, when the owner was not at home, can be very good protection of circuit. Its working principle are relatively complex, involving various knowledge of electrical, although it seems pretty simple, actually contains a lot of small parts, these small parts form the huge function.

electric miniature dc circuit breaker

Circuit breaker which is mainly composed of contact system, arc extinguishing system, operating mechanism, trip, the shell of five parts, each part is a key part of it, contact system mainly with circuit is connected, monitoring the change of the voltage at any time, arc extinguishing system mainly when there is abnormal situation when it work immediately to prevent the accident, it will immediately work to cut off the power supply, ensure the safety of circuit and household appliances or the safety of the factory.

electronics miniature circuits breaker

When short circuit, the circuit breaker will produce large current, high current produce magnetic field can overcome the spring tension, trip pulling action operation system, then switch instantaneous tripping, cut off power supply, the main working principle is through the large current generated elasticity, so as to make the trip starts to work, causing the work of the circuit breaker, current, the greater the work time is shorter.

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Some of the circuit breakers are electronic, and the work object is the transformer, and then it is relative to the set value. When the current is abnormal, the signal will be sent out and the trip will be caused by the trip. Arc extinguishing system is a key part of the circuit breaker, when the trip signal sent arcing system will start to work, main is to cut off the power supply, weakened by cooling arc thermal dissociation, then turn off the faulty circuit.

Miniature Circuit Breaker

When faulty circuit by circuit breaker cut off, the circuit will not in electricity, thereby preventing the expansion of the accident, and then there will be staff deal with faulty circuit, the dangerous accident was solved, for users, just clear the role of the circuit breaker, buy a circuit breaker is in the home, bought a safety is guaranteed.

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