Electrical instrumentation equipment for receiving money

Update date:2018-05-11 Source:MAXGE

1, the line should be calibrated before the wiring and marking.

Electrical instrument

2. The core should not be damaged when the insulation layer is stripped.

3, multi-strand core end should be hot tin or using lugs. When the lug is used, the connection between the electric wire and the lug should be crimped or welded, and the joint should be even and firm and conductive.

4, non-corrosive flux should be used when soldering.

Electrical instrument

5, the cable (line) and Rui Zi's connection should be fixed, and leave an appropriate margin.

6, the wiring should be correct, the arrangement should be neat and beautiful.

7. When the instrument and electrical equipment are vulnerable to vibration, spring washers should be added to the terminals.

Electrical instrument

8, line compensation resistor should be installed firmly, easy assembly and disassembly, its resistance tolerance is ± 0.1 ohms.

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