Miniature circuit breakers are not applicable

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Miniature circuit breakers generally refer to miniature circuit breakers suitable for AC 50/60Hz, rated currents up to 63A, and rated voltages of 230/400V. They are mainly used for line overload and short circuit protection due to their simplicity and practicality in circuit overload and short circuit. In this case, it will automatically power down and function as a protection circuit. Therefore, it is also one of the more common electrical devices. Various kinds of electricity use places are more common, but in some cases it is not suitable or can not use this type of circuit breaker. The following is a brief explanation. Under certain circumstances, this type of circuit breaker is not recommended or cannot be used.

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First of all, it is not recommended to directly protect the motor circuit, because sometimes the motor is damaged before the over-current, and sometimes even the current is not damaged, so that the circuit breaker as a circuit protection, either does not work, or there is a certain lag , does not have the characteristics of timeliness and timeliness of circuit protection. The air-opening selection is generally based on 1.2~1.3 times of the total current. If it is a motor, it is necessary to consider the starting current, which is usually much higher than 1.3 times. Therefore, in summary, the wiring circuit breaker should not be used to protect the motor circuit. .

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Second, small circuit breakers have no protective effect on human body electric shock and power imbalance, so they must not be used as protection against personal electric shock and power imbalance. Because circuit breakers only operate during overload and short circuit, electric leakage is not in the scope of their actions. This type of miniature circuit breaker, if used in a residential circuit, is often used with an earth leakage circuit breaker to provide a good balance between the protection circuit and the protection of personal safety.

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