contactor installation precautions

Update date:2018-05-08 Source:MAXGE

For electrical equipment, whether it can extend the service life depends on whether the installation is correct, whether it is properly used, and whether it is maintained in time. Therefore, the installation and use of electrical equipment and maintenance are extremely important.


First, installation precautions

1. Before installation and use, check that the rated voltage of the coil matches the actual use.

2. Before use, wipe the rust-proof grease or rust on the iron core with gasoline. Avoid sticking during use. Causes a power failure and cannot be released.


3, when installed, generally installed vertically, the tilt angle can not be too large, shall not exceed 5 °, otherwise it will affect the contactor's performance.

4, in the installation, especially when connecting the wire, pay attention to the clean wire to clean up, avoid falling into the inside of the contactor, causing the contactor to block, causing the coil burned.


5. When connecting the wires, do not expose the metal parts of the wires to the air to avoid oxidation. Tighten the screws to avoid poor contact of the wires due to vibration.

6. During installation, both sides of the hole should be placed on the upper and lower sides to facilitate heat dissipation.

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