Three grid-connected models of photovoltaic power generation

Update date:2018-05-03 Source:MAXGE

1, completely self-use mode

This mode is generally applied when the user side has a large power load and the power load continues, there is little or no production suspension during the year, or even if the user's electricity is used to maintain the load during the holiday period. Sufficient to absorb most of the electricity generated by photovoltaic power plants. This type of system, due to the low-voltage side of the grid, if the user can not consume electricity, will be sent back to the upper level of the power grid through the transformer, and the distribution transformer design is not allowed to send back power (can be reversed , such as debugging, but not allow for a long time), the design of its initial trend is fixed. Therefore, it is necessary to install an anti-backflow device to prevent the reverse transmission of electricity.


2. Spontaneous self-use mode

For most users who are optimistic about distributed generation, choosing the self-use power grid is the most ideal mode, so that you can get a higher power price for your own use, and you can sell power to the power grid without using it. The roof power generation projects that are currently being promoted in rural areas fall into this category. The biggest drawback of this kind of operating model is that its revenue model cannot be fixed, and the ratio of self-use to self-use and the ratio of remaining power to the Internet are always changing. The assessed value of power plant financing and sales will be discounted to the actual output, and even the employer is worried about power consumption. The future business condition cannot obtain a reasonable asset value.MAXGE built two photovoltaic power stations on the roof of the workshop to supplement production power.


3, full Internet selling mode

In the ten years of the development of photovoltaic power generation, direct Internet access has always been the mainstream of photovoltaic applications because its financial model is simple and relatively reliable, and it is willing to be favored by capital.


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