Electrical equipment enclosure grounding requirements

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Electrical connection of a certain point of live parts of electrical devices or electrical circuits with the earth, electrical devices or other devices in the normal part of the uncharged part of the human connection with the earth are called grounded;

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Grounding generally has the following requirements:

1. The metal enclosure of the protected electrical equipment should be grounded separately.

2. When an electronic leakage protector is used, the metal housing of the protected electrical equipment can also be connected to the protective earth. In this case, in addition to checking the dynamic stability and thermal stability of the zero-sequence transformer, it is also necessary to check whether the auxiliary power supply voltage of the leakage protector is within the permissible voltage range when a single-phase grounding occurs. Ensure that the leakage protector can operate reliably.

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3, grounding resistance should be able to ensure reliable operation of leakage protection.

4. When the power distribution system adopts the grade protection of the leakage protector, in order to enable the protectors at all levels to selectively act, the breaking time at each level shall be different.

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