Current transformer classification

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First, according to the installation method:

1. Through-type current transformers: Current transformers used to pass through the screen or wall.

2. Pillar-type current transformers: installed on planes or pillars, and used as a current transformer for circuit conductor pillars.

Current Transformer

3. Bushing type current transformer: A type of current transformer with no primary conductor and primary insulation, which is directly sheathed on the insulating bushing.

4. Bus-type current transformers: There is no primary conductor but one insulation. A current transformer used directly on the busbar.

Second, according to use points:

1. Measuring current transformer: The measurement winding of the current transformer provides current information of the power grid to devices such as measurement and metering within the normal operating current range.

Current Transformer

2. Current transformers for protection: The protective windings of current transformers provide grid fault current information to relay protection devices in case of grid fault conditions.

Third, according to insulation medium:

1. Dry current transformer: It is insulated by ordinary insulation material by dipping.

2. Casting current transformers: Current transformers cast with epoxy resin or other resin mixed materials.

3, oil-immersed current transformer: insulated paper and insulating oil as the insulation, generally outdoor type. At present, China is commonly used in various voltage levels.

4. Gas insulated current transformer: The main insulation consists of SF6 gas.

Current Transformer

Fourth, according to the principle of current transformation:

1. Photoelectric current transformers: current transformers that implement current conversion through photoelectric conversion principles. Among them, the photoelectric type can be divided into: hybrid photoelectric transformer, magneto-optic glass photoelectric transformer and all-fiber photoelectric transformer.

2. Electromagnetic current transformers: current transformers for current conversion based on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

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