Circuit breakers in household distribution boxes.

Update date:2018-04-29 Source:MAXGE

Before introducing some distribution boxes, the following introduces the circuit breakers in the distribution box.

Circuit Breaker

First of all, from the appearance, the leakage circuit breaker except the operation handle, there is a part of the leakage attachment; A circuit breaker with no leakage, only a handle.

In the use of the requirement, can control the socket circuit breaker, must have the leakage protection function.

1 and 2 (also called 1P and 2P). The difference between them mainly lies in the detection and control of the zero line. The 1P circuit breaker, when disconnected, can only disconnect the fire line, because the zero line is not charged when the circuit is normal, so the zero line is always connected. but It is the failure of the circuit that causes the zero line to be charged, and then use 1P circuit breaker to disconnect the circuit, there are safety hazards.

circuit breaker

And the 1P circuit breaker can only detect the fire line when the circuit is overloaded and short-circuit fault detection, and it cannot detect the fault of the zero line.

The 2P circuit breaker makes up for these two points, which can be both disconnecting the zero line of fire and simultaneously detecting the zero line of fire.

The pole number of the circuit breaker does not affect any function related to leakage protection.

Between 1P and 2P, there is a product, but less used in home circuits. It's a 1P+N circuit breaker, and it breaks zero when it's disconnected. However, when the circuit fault is detected, the zero line cannot be detected.


MAXGE Electric's EPB series is suitable for home circuit breakers, all of which are the same. The difference is the rated current.

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