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Dual power automatic transfer switch (hereinafter referred to as dual power supply switch) is the use of molded case circuit breaker or load switch as actuators, automatic controller with single chip microcomputer as the core and with the mechanical and electrical interlocking control mechanism, is a kind of perfect, safe and reliable performance, high degree of automation, use

A wide range of dual power automatic switch. When the common electrical failure or power failure suddenly, by double the power switch, automatic into standby power, (under small load standby power can also be used by the generator power supply,) the device can still run normally. The most common are elevators, fire control and surveillance.


The dual power switching switch is divided into PC level and CB level, and the structure is roughly the same, except for some functions.

(1) PC level is more reliable than CB level. PC USES mechanical + electronic conversion action lock, and CB USES electronic conversion action lock. Therefore, it is recommended to select PC level products in some work products with high safety requirements.

(2) from the perspective of switching time. The switching time of the two products is different. The use of PC products in the deceleration motor is relatively common. CB products are commonly used in residential buildings, and the fault power is disconnected easily and the switching time is fast.

(3) there is no short-circuit protection function for PC double-power switching switch, and whether the user can add extra circuit breaker should be considered according to the circuit system.

(4) equipped with isolation switches, take up space, increase the cost, lower reliability, suggests isolation switch to control the industrial power system installation number, there's no need to set the isolation switch in the residents of floor.


MAXGE Electric production ATS1 series products are applicable to a.c 50/60 hz, 690 v and below, rated current, since the 6 a - 1250 - a and the following two way power supply (commonly used power N and standby power supply or generator power R) of the power supply system, due to power all the way down (blackouts, undervoltage, over voltage, frequency, phase shift) for power supply automatic switching between, to ensure the reliability and security of power supply, realizing unattended continuous power supply.


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