Proximity switch

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Proximity switch

  Among various types of switches, there is an element called a displacement sensor that has the ability to "feel" near its object. This is the proximity switch, which uses the proximity sensor's sensitivity to the proximity of the object to achieve the purpose of turning the switch on and off. Proximity switches have a wide range of applications in aerospace, aerospace technology and industrial production. Proximity switches, which are also widely used in many projects, are used as detection devices, such as capacitive proximity switches for detecting the presence of liquid in a pipeline. The basic knowledge of proximity switches in the testing equipment is introduced below.


The selection of proximity switches mainly follows the following principles:

1. Inductive proximity switches are preferred when detecting metal, and capacitive proximity switches are preferred when detecting non-metals, and magnetic proximity switches are preferred when detecting magnetic signals.

2, the choice of appearance should be based on the actual use of the situation and use to choose, commonly used cylindrical thread shape.


3, the choice of detection distance, according to the need to choose, but should pay attention to the same proximity switch detection distance is not constant, proximity switch detection distance and the object to be detected, the size of the object and the direction of movement of the object.

4, the choice of signal output, select the output of the AC signal or DC signal, AC proximity switch output is AC signal, DC proximity switch output is a DC signal, DC output signal and NPN output and PNP output points. In addition, the load current must be less than the output current of the proximity switch.

5, the choice of the number of contacts. Proximity switches normally open contacts and normally closed contacts, depending on the specific circumstances.


6, the choice of switching frequency, switching frequency determines the response speed of the switch, switching frequency refers to the number of conversions from "on" to "off" per second. The DC proximity switch can reach 200KHZ, and the AC proximity switch can only reach 25HZ.

7, the choice of proximity switch rated voltage, for the AC type of proximity switch, preferred to use AC220V or AC36V, for DC proximity switches, preferred DC12V or DC24.

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