Residual Current Circuit Breaker uses the difference between the grounding wire and the unused one

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1. With a ground wire:

When the power line of the appliance leaks to the housing or the bare conductive component, the current will flow through the ground to the ground. At this time, the zero-sequence current transformer of the leakage circuit breaker will detect that the current vector in the line is no longer zero. Residual current relays also operate, and the switch trips. If your electrical equipment such as kitchen appliances or water heaters leaks electricity, and if you have a grounding cable, the leakage protector will immediately trip when it is plugged into the socket, and will not be powered on. It will not harm the human body.

Residual Current Circuit Breaker

2. Without grounding wire:

When the appliance's power cord leaks to the housing of the appliance or the exposed conductive parts, the human body touches these parts and the current flows through the body to the earth. The zero-sequence current transformer in the leakage breaker detects the vectorization of the current in the circuit. It is not zero (normally zero) when the residual current relay will act to trip the circuit breaker. For example, in your iron-encased electrical device, the FireWire cable is directly connected to the casing. The zero line does not touch the casing. You just place it on a wooden coffee table or table. The power cord has only a neutral wire and it is not grounded. When the hand does not touch the electrical device, it will not trip, because there is no loop with the earth. When your finger touches the metal shell, it will instantly power you and form a circuit, and then the leakage protector will trip.

Residual Current Circuit Breaker

So, if conditions permit, I hope everyone can still connect the ground! Even if there is a leakage circuit breaker, it is not good to startle.

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