Hydroelectric power

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Hydroelectric power is the basic principle of using the water level drops, cooperate with hydraulic generator to produce electric power, also is to use water potential energy into hydraulic mechanical energy, mechanical energy to generator, and electric power. Scientists to water level drop of natural condition, the effective use of engineering and mechanical and physical flow force, elaborate collocation in order to achieve the highest power, power for people to use cheap and no pollution.


Classification by means of concentration: dike type hydropower plant, pilot water power plant, hybrid water power plant, tidal power plant and pumped storage power plant.

Classification according to the degree of runoff regulation: no regulating water power plant and regulating water power plant.

According to the installed capacity of hydropower station, it can be divided into large, medium and small hydropower stations.


Hydroelectric power flow is: the rivers of water via LanShui facilities grab, after pressure tunnel, the pressure steel pipe waterway facilities such as sent to the power plant, when the unit must be running, open the main valve (similar to the function of home faucet), after open the guide vane (the actual control of the output power of small water gate) make the impact of water turbine, the turbine turns the generator after rotation, after joining excitation generator, generator voltage, and the circuit breaker into after start sending electricity to power system.


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