Why Thermal Power Is More Popular?

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Why Thermal Power Is More Popular?

Electricity is the most common and necessary form of energy in our daily lives. In the exploration of power generation technology and its development process, various forms of thermal power generation, fuel cell power generation, hydroelectric power generation, wind power generation, and solar thermal power generation have been produced, among which thermal power generation has the longest duration and the widest range of applications.

Among the many power generation technologies, why can thermal power generate the entire power?

Thermal power generation is the use of fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) or biomass fuels (plants, garbage), etc., to produce electricity by burning, and boilers, steam turbines, and generators are the main equipment for thermal power generation.


The boiler is the most basic energy conversion device. The fuel converts chemical energy into heat energy through boiler combustion. The heat energy turns water into water vapor. Steam passes through the blades on the turbine rotor to drive the turbine rotor. The turbine rotor is connected to the generator rotor with a coupling. When the turbine rotor rotates at a constant speed, the generator rotor also rotates. Under the action of electromagnetics, the generator generates current. The current thus generated is transmitted to the power grid through the power transformation equipment, and the power grid then supplies power to the user through the power distribution equipment. This is the basic principle and process of thermal power generation.

Compared with other types of power generation, thermal power generation has less investment, quick results, simple technology, and easy scale production. With resources such as coal and petroleum, which are rich in reserves and widely distributed, as a foundation, it is no wonder that this type of power generation has long dominated various power generation methods.


Even into the 21st century, various emerging power generation technologies are gradually developing, but the installed capacity of thermal power generation in the world still accounts for about 65% of the total installed power capacity. In China, this ratio will remain around 70% for a long time to come.

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